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map of liloan, cebu, philippines

Liloan is a philippine municipality. It is located in the province Cebu in Region VII Central Visayas which is a part of the Visayas group of islands. The municipality Liloan is seated about 14 km east-north-east of province capital Cebu City and about 567 km south-east of Philippine main capital Manila. The geographic coordinates of Liloan are 10° 24' 0'' N, 123° 58' 59'' E.


Administratively the Municipality of Liloan is subdivided into 14 barangays. One forms the center of the city wheras the other 13 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Municipality.

No. Name PSGC-Code Area
in km²
Urbanisation Population
1 Cabadiangan 072227001 - urban 1,698
2 Calero 072227002 - urban 4,302
3 Catarman 072227003 - urban 13,806
4 Cotcot 072227004 - urban 4,504
5 Jubay 072227005 - urban 7,536
6 Lataban 072227006 - urban 1,747
7 Mulao 072227007 - urban 492
8 Poblacion 072227008 - urban 12,591
9 San Roque 072227009 - urban 1,251
10 San Vicente 072227010 - urban 7,705
11 Santa Cruz 072227011 - urban 1,730
12 Tabla 072227012 - urban 1,200
13 Tayud 072227013 - urban 12,168
14 Yati 072227014 - urban 21,451


According to the 2007 census, Liloan has a population of 92,181 residents and belongs to the 294 emerging cities and municiplities in the Philippines which have more than 50,000 inhabitants but did not reach 100,000 yet. Based on the number of its inhabitants Liloan is number 177 of the most populous cities of the Philippines and at 30 in Visayas group of islands and at 10 of the most populous cities of province Cebu. With an area of 45.92 km² Liloan occupies a relatively small urban area. Accordingly, there is a high population density. In Liloan, by average, 2,007.43 people live in one square kilometer. With this value, Liloan is only number 10 in Visayas and is nationally ranked 69th of the most densely populated cities in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine income classification for provinces, cities and municipalities Liloan is a 1st class municipality. The urbanization status of Liloan is classified as urban.

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of Liloan there are Ormoc City (Leyte) 96 km north-east, Toledo City 36 km west, Lapu-lapu City (Opon) 10 km south-south-west, Mandaue City 9 km south-west, City Of Talisay 23 km south-west, Cebu City 13 km west-south-west, Cadiz City (Negros Occidental) 96 km north-west, San Carlos City (Negros Occidental) 77 km west,Danao City 14 km north-north-east as well as 83 km north-west of Liloan the municipality Sagay City (Negros Occidental).

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