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Yesterday, we welcomed the Barangay Officials and Purok Officers and Members of Barangay La Paz, Bogo City, who visited us to learn about our Purok System as their City pilots the program for their communities.

Through the Purok System, people are empowered to participate in community governance and take a pivotal role in the government's programs especially on the environment, solid waste management, and peace and order.

Over the years, our Purok Officers and Members and Our Cebu Focal Team have generously shared with several local government units from all over the country our systems, strategies, and experiences.

We are happy to continue in this spirit of sharing and camaraderie in the name of our shared goals for sustainable development for Cebu and for our country!🌿❤️🇵🇭

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Got interviewed today about Liloan's tree planting programs, recognized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) as a widely successful partner of its Run 2 Plant Greenin Philippines Program.
Liloan's programs have been institutionalized and implemented from the Municipal to Purok level, and participated in every year by multi-sectoral representatives. Tens of thousands of seedlings have been planted since its inception in 2008 during the first term of Mayor Duke Frasco Liloan, and it continues to this day.

We have also initiated the involvement of the business sector through Liloan's Environment Sustainability and Development Ordinance. If you do business in Liloan, we give you the opportunity to help the environment by requiring the planting of 5 seedlings per employee. As a result, as of 2016, over 26,000 seedlings have been planted by the business sector.

To further community involvement, we now also have an Adopt-a-Mountain, Adopt-a-Purok, and Adopt-a-Tree Program, making it easier for individuals and groups to participate in furthering our quest for sustainable development and environmental protection in Liloan.??❤️?? .

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4 days ago, I visited the entryway to Pilapilan, Brgy. Yati to find a road that was practically impassable with stagnant waters plaguing motorists and pedestrians, especially school children, for sometime.

I am happy to inform our fellow Liloanons that our visit has borne fruit and as of today, the water has been completely drained, and an earth canal temporarily installed to prevent repeated flooding.

This is a short term measure, and we will soon be implementing our drainage project in the area.

I thank our Municipal Engineering Team for its rapid action on my request to resolve this matter with urgency.

One road at a time, one day at a time, we will charge forward, Liloan.

Happy Monday!

Christina Garcia Frasco (July 11, 2016 post)

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Adding to the fleet and further improving basic services in Liloan through our 4 Brand New Garbage Trucks and Brand New Ambulance.


We are also stepping up Disaster and Emergency Response through our Brand New Search and Rescue Vehicle, and emergency equipment.


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With the onset of La Niña and the typhoon season, flooding has become a matter of grave concern for Liloanons.

Hence, today, I conducted a site visit to several flood prone areas across 4 Barangays in Liloan, namely the vicinity of the Cotcot River, Villa Lara in Jubay, Sitio Lourdes in Poblacion and Pilapilan in Yati.

With me were our teams from the Municipal Engineering Office, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, our Emergency Responders and police, for the purpose of assessing these areas and devising immediate solutions that could address the flooding issues even as we begin crafting long term solutions.

I cannot promise that we will be able to solve these problems right away, but we have taken the first vital steps towards that direction.

Our site visits continue to several other areas tomorrow.

Christina Garcia Frasco (July 7, 2016 FB post)


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