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Got interviewed today about Liloan's tree planting programs, recognized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) as a widely successful partner of its Run 2 Plant Greenin Philippines Program.
Liloan's programs have been institutionalized and implemented from the Municipal to Purok level, and participated in every year by multi-sectoral representatives. Tens of thousands of seedlings have been planted since its inception in 2008 during the first term of Mayor Duke Frasco Liloan, and it continues to this day.

We have also initiated the involvement of the business sector through Liloan's Environment Sustainability and Development Ordinance. If you do business in Liloan, we give you the opportunity to help the environment by requiring the planting of 5 seedlings per employee. As a result, as of 2016, over 26,000 seedlings have been planted by the business sector.

To further community involvement, we now also have an Adopt-a-Mountain, Adopt-a-Purok, and Adopt-a-Tree Program, making it easier for individuals and groups to participate in furthering our quest for sustainable development and environmental protection in Liloan.??❤️?? .

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Flooding and traffic are concerns that a developing LGU such as ours hopes to address urgently and effectively. 
After the heavy rains brought forth by tropical depression Crising (no relation to me ?), I convened our Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Council last week to assess flood prone areas, discuss measures taken by our public safety, traffic management, and engineering teams, and devise short term solutions working around our local budget.

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We have launched the 1st Mayor Christina Frasco Cup Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton Tournament!

In line with our priorities in Education and Sports, I am also happy to announce that beginning 1st semester this year, we are awarding Athletic Scholarships for qualified varsity players. Visit the Mayor's Office for more details!

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"The past 6 months since the start of my administration has proven to be both challenging and fulfilling. I am so happy to close the year with Liloan having been awarded as:


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