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When asked what would be her slogan for the LGBT Federation of Liloan, she said, "It would be 'LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS'...because love is the highest form of empathy that a human being is capable of, and here in Liloan, amidst our differences, we celebrate love in all its forms."

Indeed, we do.❤️

My fellow Liloanons, our very first QUEEN OF LILOAN, Cling Ortizo Loreto !

Congratulations to our Queen (from Barangay Yati) and her court!

And to our Liloan LGBT Federation headed by its President Benjie Branzuela and MSWD under Mary Fiel I. Cabua, my heartfelt gratitude for staging such an excellent production!

In a world often burdened with hate, and as we, as a nation, grapple with our differences, be it religion, ideology, or political views, as we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in areas afflicted by terror and hatred, tonight the message from Liloan to the world is clear: Love wins. All the time.❤️

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