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Over the past two weeks, 6 out of the 8 garbage trucks of our Municipal Government have broken down due to wear and tear given the daily rounds in collecting the garbage of our population of over 147,830 people.

Data from our Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office show that Liloan generates 42.3 tons of biodegradable, recyclable, and residual waste per day. That’s 84,600 pounds of garbage every single day generated by 34,379 households and over 5,000 establishments.

Since our LGU has been left with only 2 running garbage trucks, I have undertaken in the past 2 weeks the following measures to ensure the augmentation in garbage collection:

2 weeks ago, I directed the adding of 2 municipal-funded trucks.
Last week, I requested Governor Gwen Garcia to let us borrow from the Provincial Government and she has lent us 2 trucks.
This week, I requested Congressman Duke Frasco to help us and through his efforts, 4 trucks have been provided, plus an additional 2 tomorrow.

In total, I have ensured that an additional 12 trucks be available and now running for garbage collection so that we are able to collect the backlog and totally resolve the same by Friday next week at the latest. I have also augmented at least 20 of our Municipal Personnel to help our existing personnel in garbage collection, and we will be purchasing more garbage trucks while we ensure the expeditious repair of existing ones.

Meanwhile, since I first started as Mayor in 2016, Solid Waste Management and Environment Sustainability has been of upmost priority to my administration. We implemented the No Plastic Days and Market Day for Recyclables. We mandated segregation at source and collection by the Barangays of biodegradable waste, which is their duty under RA 9003. We have closed down our dumpsite and have since deposited our waste at the landfill in Consolacion. We have put up the Liloan ACTS hotline for garbage and flooding concerns, and mandated the putting up of Material Recovery Facilities in all 236 puroks. We implemented the basket bottle recycling program in all public schools, added 6 trucks to our fleet of garbage trucks, augmented garbage collection personnel and updated the equipment of street cleaners, and conducted massive Information Education Campaign among residents of all puroks and subdivisions on the importance of segregation, recycling, and reduction of waste.

We have also purchased machines that convert plastics into ingredients for bricks and cement blocks, engaged in conversion of waste to fertilizer for all bio waste in the public market, and before the end of the year, we will have a new waste conversion machine for bio and non-bio waste courtesy of Governor Gwen Garcia. To date, we have also planted over 115,000 trees.

Despite all of the above, I have been viciously attacked by certain individuals in the past few days hurling baseless accusations and allegations of inaction. I will let my record speak for itself.

84,600 pounds of garbage is generated by 147,830 people and over 5,000 establishments in Liloan every single day. We in your local government are doing everything in our power to manage the waste, but this is obiously a monumental task that involves both waste generation and waste management. We cannot do this alone.

As my administration has consistently requested of our Barangay Captains since 2016, I reiterate my request for all Barangay Captains to fulfill their duty under RA 9003 to collect biodegradable (malata) waste from their own barangays and to ensure segregation at source.

I urge our 236 puroks and our over 2,300 purok officers to continue to ensure the functionality of your MRFs.

Finally, I request my fellow Liloanons to practice self-discipline in waste recycling, disposal and segregation, and to reduce waste in your own homes and establishments.

With your help, we can resolve this momentary challenge. Let us start helping each other instead of tearing each other down. Let us come together as a community and show our love for Liloan by doing our share in this joint responsibility.

I thank our MENRO and garbage personnel who have been working tirelessly day and night. I thank everyone who has spoken up about our own duties as citizens. Thank you Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and Congressman Duke Frasco Liloan for helping us in our time of need. And I thank my fellow Liloanons for your continued support.


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Over the weekend, we had the privilege of hosting government ministers and officials from over 50 countries, led by officials of the United Nations Green Climate Fund, and the Philippine Climate Change Commission.

The Commission had requested this visit to Liloan, recognizing our Municipality’s best practices in environmental protection and sustainability to address climate change, showcasing our local government’s programs to the global delegation.

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Yesterday, we welcomed the Barangay Officials and Purok Officers and Members of Barangay La Paz, Bogo City, who visited us to learn about our Purok System as their City pilots the program for their communities.

Through the Purok System, people are empowered to participate in community governance and take a pivotal role in the government's programs especially on the environment, solid waste management, and peace and order.

Over the years, our Purok Officers and Members and Our Cebu Focal Team have generously shared with several local government units from all over the country our systems, strategies, and experiences.

We are happy to continue in this spirit of sharing and camaraderie in the name of our shared goals for sustainable development for Cebu and for our country!🌿❤️🇵🇭

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Liloan Community Action for Reforestation and Environmental Sustainability (Liloan CARES) in action in the mountains of Brgy. Tabla, Liloan!

On Saturday, various sectors from Liloan including government, business, civil society and the academe, came together for our annual tree planting, carried out simultaneously with our puroks in other barangays. In total, we planted over 10,000 seedlings!


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Got interviewed today about Liloan's tree planting programs, recognized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) as a widely successful partner of its Run 2 Plant Greenin Philippines Program.
Liloan's programs have been institutionalized and implemented from the Municipal to Purok level, and participated in every year by multi-sectoral representatives. Tens of thousands of seedlings have been planted since its inception in 2008 during the first term of Mayor Duke Frasco Liloan, and it continues to this day.

We have also initiated the involvement of the business sector through Liloan's Environment Sustainability and Development Ordinance. If you do business in Liloan, we give you the opportunity to help the environment by requiring the planting of 5 seedlings per employee. As a result, as of 2016, over 26,000 seedlings have been planted by the business sector.

To further community involvement, we now also have an Adopt-a-Mountain, Adopt-a-Purok, and Adopt-a-Tree Program, making it easier for individuals and groups to participate in furthering our quest for sustainable development and environmental protection in Liloan.??❤️?? .

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