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With the onset of La Niña and the typhoon season, flooding has become a matter of grave concern for Liloanons.

Hence, today, I conducted a site visit to several flood prone areas across 4 Barangays in Liloan, namely the vicinity of the Cotcot River, Villa Lara in Jubay, Sitio Lourdes in Poblacion and Pilapilan in Yati.

With me were our teams from the Municipal Engineering Office, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, our Emergency Responders and police, for the purpose of assessing these areas and devising immediate solutions that could address the flooding issues even as we begin crafting long term solutions.

I cannot promise that we will be able to solve these problems right away, but we have taken the first vital steps towards that direction.

Our site visits continue to several other areas tomorrow.

Christina Garcia Frasco (July 7, 2016 FB post)


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