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Over the weekend, we had the privilege of hosting government ministers and officials from over 50 countries, led by officials of the United Nations Green Climate Fund, and the Philippine Climate Change Commission.

The Commission had requested this visit to Liloan, recognizing our Municipality’s best practices in environmental protection and sustainability to address climate change, showcasing our local government’s programs to the global delegation.

We highlighted our Liloan Cares Program, Liloan Loves Puroks, Green Points System Ordinance and other legislation institutionalizing environmental protection, our Greening, Reforestation, and Mangrove Planting Programs, Eco-Pavers, Solid Waste Management, and our Zero-Waste new Public Market.

All of these programs fall under our Liloan Local Community Governance Program, founded on the notion that grassroots community participation in local governance allows for more effective delivery of government services where our constituency are not mere beneficiaries, but are, more importantly, partners in effecting change and sustainability.

I am so proud of the work our fellow Liloanons have done and continue to do in our 231 puroks across our 14 barangays, to contribute to the protection of the environment. I am grateful for their passion and partnership as we grow out of traditional centralized governance into innovative community governance.

Gaining recognition from the global community is both humbling and inspiring. As I said to the delegation during my speech, “Oftentimes, theoretical notions and policy statements on climate change and environmental sustainability can get easily lost in the realities of everyday life in our country as we face many other challenges such as economic difficulties and limited resources.

It is my hope that your takeaway from your visit to Liloan is that it IS possible to effect real change and foster environmental sustainability from the grassroots. Here, where our communities have come together with government with the same goal of protecting the environment for the future of our children, our passion and dedication far outweighs our limitations.” 

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