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BEST Local Government Unit IN GOOD GOVERNANCE in the Province of Cebu, Our Cebu Program

GRAND CHAMPION, Sugbo Kontra Droga (SUKOD) Program of the Cebu Provincial Government, No. 1 Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council in Cebu

MOST EXEMPLARY LGU, Top 3, and No. 1 Municipality, Our Cebu Program

Top 3 Police Station in Cebu

Barangay Poblacion: 
Top 5 Barangay, Our Cebu Program, 
One of the Top Barangays, SUKOD Program

We have had to overcome so much this year. But we kept our focus, we kept the faith, and we prevailed. I thank our team, Municipal and Barangay Officials, Department Managers and employees, all Officers of all our Federations, Purok Officers and Members for your dedication, hard work, and for rallying with us in our vision and our cause for Liloan!

To my beloved Liloanons, this is all for YOU!

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2017OSCPAwards 2017OSCPAwards
2017OSCPAwards 2017OSCPAwards

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