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Maniudto ta ninyo diha!

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Still salivating over the fresh sunlutan, kinilaw, nukos, sinugba, BBQ, lechon, masi etc. at our Liloan Foodstreet which celebrated its 2nd year anniversary last weekend.

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Time sure flies! Seems only yesterday that we were faced with the challenge of how to address illegal vendors and traffic along the National Highway. The solution lied in applying the law tempered with compassion by bringing the vendors into the fold of government, giving them guidance and proper regulation, training on food safety and handling, branding, and in turn generating even more income for them, less road congestion along the Highway, and creating a lively tourist destination in Liloan!

I’m so happy as well to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the founding of our LGBT Federation culminated in a dance competition participated in by various barangays.

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In Liloan, we have always endeavored to pursue development that is inclusive where progress is felt by all. As Liloan grows economically, so should the Liloanons’ quality of life increase.

[Liloan Foodstreet is open every Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 10pm in the vicinity of the Municipal Plaza]

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