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 AMID the Covid-19 pandemic, access to healthcare has become limited for people quarantined in their homes. To provide convenient access to medical consultations without need of physically visiting health centers, the local government of Liloan has partnered with Xynapx Technologies, a local medical software startup that developed CloudPx and CloudMD, which provides online telemedicine and e-consultation services from doctors and medical professionals, and medical records management.

The partnership between Liloan and Xynapx, termed GugMed, will help connect people online with doctors for their Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 related medical queries. Without need of going out of their homes, people can communicate with doctors through video conferencing and chatting. Coined from the words Gugma, the Cebuano word for love, and Medisina, the Cebuano word for Medicine, GugMed is a free service for residents of Liloan.

The local government of Liloan is paying for Liloan Community Medical Emergency Services Center doctors and medical consultants that will be available online for consultations, while Xynapx has extended the use of their software for free the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. Users may also opt to access doctors outside of Liloan who are signed up to the software, and it will be up to the doctor to bill for fees, if any.

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The protection of children and promotion of their welfare forms an essential part of our 10-point agenda.

In Liloan, all daycare children go to school for free in daycare centers fully funded by our Local Government, and with free supplemental feeding in line with our goal of Zero Malnutrition by 2022.

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We launched our Senior Citizens Center today!

We envisioned a happy and welcoming haven for our Seniors where they can engage in activities and obtain government assistance, in a setting that is both relaxing yet stimulating to the senses.

Taking from the centuries-old tree right infront of the Seniors Center, we gave the interiors a tropical vibe with wall art by Camilo Remedios Jr., and our very own Liloanon artists led by Strozzi Abecel Rosende. The Center also houses a social hall on the second floor.

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