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Liloan celebrates its first ever LILOAN YOUTH FESTIVAL!

Tonight, we inducted the municipal and barangay officers of our Liloan Youth Organization and treated our youth to a plethora of free services both useful and fun. The festival continues with a live tribal band, and a song and dance competition for all to enjoy!

So proud of our Youth Organization, which has been chosen number 1 in the Province of Cebu. I am also happy to be informed by our Youth Focal Person @michael_shaun that Liloan is the first LGU in Cebu and in the Region to fully organize all of its youth subsectors.

With 7,200 members across all our barangays, the youth in Liloan now have a platform and a voice for governance through the Liloan Youth Organization!

I look forward to working with (my fellow?) young people towards the continued growth and progress of our beloved Liloan.

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