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An officer authorized to administer oaths. Quite a mouthful while reviewing for the bar over 10 years ago. ?

Today I was exactly that as I swore in the new set of Barangay Senior Citizen Federation Officers for the barangays of Yati, Catarman, and Tayud.

Caring for our Senior Citizens takes top priority in Liloan where we provide a Municipal Pension and customized medical assistance for common elderly ailments, among other programs.

I didn't realize until I was looking at the photos that in the background, watching over us is my beloved Lola Inday - still my favorite Senior Citizen of all.??❤️ 
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I first met Ricky Sasing during one of my Purok visits to Brgy. San Vicente. He shared with me the story of the tragic accident that led to the loss of his leg. His immobility made it difficult to support his wife and five children. And yet, back then, he was still hopeful, smiling, and determined. Duke Frasco Liloan and I met him again during the campaign.

Through our social welfare program in Liloan, Ricky has since been the recipient of a prosthetic leg. Through or scholarship program, one of his children is also a scholar of Liloan.

He visited me yesterday to say he is adjusting well to his new leg, and that his children are happy to see him walk again.

We will be including Ricky in our livelihood program for PWDs that he may continue to provide for his family and walk with them towards a stable future full of hope.?

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CEBU, Philippines - The Municipality of Liloan has passed an ordinance setting conditions for the rescue of children in drug-related cases.

 Mayor Christina Frasco has approved on September 28, 2016 the ordinance sponsored by Councilor Vidal Cañete, which aims "to protect children and spare them from life-threatening and harrowing experience amid a backdrop of continuing drug menace."

 The ordinance identifies the conditions and circumstances in which government personnel and resources could be mobilized and used to rescue children in distress as a result of exploitation or of their use of or of being under the influence of illegal drugs.

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