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Liloan celebrates its first ever LILOAN YOUTH FESTIVAL!

Tonight, we inducted the municipal and barangay officers of our Liloan Youth Organization and treated our youth to a plethora of free services both useful and fun. The festival continues with a live tribal band, and a song and dance competition for all to enjoy!

So proud of our Youth Organization, which has been chosen number 1 in the Province of Cebu. I am also happy to be informed by our Youth Focal Person @michael_shaun that Liloan is the first LGU in Cebu and in the Region to fully organize all of its youth subsectors.

With 7,200 members across all our barangays, the youth in Liloan now have a platform and a voice for governance through the Liloan Youth Organization!

I look forward to working with (my fellow?) young people towards the continued growth and progress of our beloved Liloan.

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One of the commitments I made during the campaign was to give a platform for the youth to be involved in governance and for government to give them recognition and support.

Since then we have been able to form our municipal-wide Liloan Youth Organization (LYO) composed of six sub-sectors in all 14 barangays: In School Youth, Out of School Youth, Community Based Youth, Working Youth, Religious Youth and Youth with Special Needs.

Our Youth Organization has also been awarded the no. 1 youth organization in the Province of Cebu under the Sukod Program of the Cebu Provincial Government.

On May 22, we are holding the first ever LILOAN YOUTH FESTIVAL providing a venue for the youth to avail of government services and to showcase their talents.

The officers of our LYO and its sub-sectors visited my office today and I couldn't have been more impressed or prouder of these promising young leaders.

And we had a little fun at the end, too. ?

Oh, to be young again!???

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I was so touched by the visit of 88-year old twins, Lola Felina and Lola Presentacion, and their sister, 92-year old, Lola Carmen.

I met them during the campaign trail last year while trekking the mountain barangay of Lataban, and I've visited them several times since.

It was a meeting full of stories and laughter as we chatted over the budbud, mangga, and butong they gave me, and the Titay's rosquillos and donuts I gave them in return.

These wonderful women remind me of how truly blessed I am to lead this town with a people so loving and generous, in kind and in spirit.❤️ #abanteliloan#liveloveliloan #TeamFrasco #ChargingForward #Liloan #Cebu

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An officer authorized to administer oaths. Quite a mouthful while reviewing for the bar over 10 years ago. ?

Today I was exactly that as I swore in the new set of Barangay Senior Citizen Federation Officers for the barangays of Yati, Catarman, and Tayud.

Caring for our Senior Citizens takes top priority in Liloan where we provide a Municipal Pension and customized medical assistance for common elderly ailments, among other programs.

I didn't realize until I was looking at the photos that in the background, watching over us is my beloved Lola Inday - still my favorite Senior Citizen of all.??❤️ 
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