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~RO7-DOLE press release

Cebu City – After years of partnership, DOLE-7 OIC-Regional Director Exequiel R. Sarcauga proclaimed yesterday the winners of the 2011 Outstanding PESO Managers in Region VII Search, after a thorough evaluation and deliberation at the DOLE-7 Regional Office, Cebu City on August 15, 2011.

In an interview, Director Sarcauga disclosed that this recognition reminds us on the importance of the DOLE-LGU-PESO partnership, because of its positive impact and contributions to the people.

He said that the PESO Managers are the lifeline and mouthpiece, in terms of providing correct information, about the DOLE programs and services. Not only that, Director Sarcauga added, they are our point persons in delivering our employment promotion and workers welfare mandate.

He is proud of the winners because they translated to our clients the needed interventions, through innovative programs, and by providing a direct line to us and our services “We consider our PESO Managers as our jewels worthy of recognition and support. For they continue to become the agents of positive change in bridging the gap between the jobseekers and employers and support income generating activities of the people, thru the DOLE Kabuhayan Program,” Director Sarcauga stated.

He disclosed that the 2011 Regional Outstanding PESO Managers are the following: Cebu Technological University (CTU) PESO (SUC Category); Cebu Province PESO (1st Class Province Category); and Lilo-an PESO (1st-3rd Class Category).

Director Sarcauga said that the regional winner for the SUC Category went to CTU PESO because it created a 2-pronged program, namely: Industry Evaluation and Presentation of New Curricular Offerings, which compliments with the DOLE Jobs Fit Program. These aim at strengthening linkage with the industry, where continuous improvement in technology management is maintained. Students are exposed to the real world of work while they are on the job training. Constant evaluation of the school institutional and product capabilities is done by the cooperating industries.

Another winner he said is the Cebu Province PESO, regional winner for the 1st Class Province Category. It’s Valedictorian Assistance Program for tertiary education thru its PESO Obra Eskwela, under One Cebu Program gives an opportunity for students to get exposed to entrepreneurial development. The Suroy-Suroy Sugbo program also promoted tourism and strengthen linkage with investors for more employment opportunities, not only in Cebu but regionwide.

He said that for the 1st-3rd Class Category, is the Lilo-an PESO. Its Lilo-an Unemployment Assistance Program (LUAP) envisions at giving financial assistance to Lilo-anon jobseekers when they apply for work. This is given monthly for a maximum of 6 months. The amount given would depend on the need of the jobseekers’ financial requirement.

Finally, Director Sarcauga said, “Let this be an inspiration, to all Local Government Units and its PESO Managers, by following their best practices and supporting DOLE programs against poverty and unemployment, through Job Fair, Job Referral, Livelihood Assistance, Skills Registry System, Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) and many more. Each winner will receive a corresponding Certificate of Recognition, plus cash prize, and a chance to become a national winner.”


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