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I conducted road inspections today in relation to our road clearing operations under our LILOAN ACTS TEAM and pursuant to the Executive Order I signed on road clearing, and PRRD’s directive.

We walked the entire stretch of the National Highway in Barangay Yati, and inspections by LILOAN ACTS will continue throughout the week in other barangays.

As we in the LGU exert all efforts to ensure our roads and free and clear of all obstructions, I urge all Barangay Captains to ensure compliance in their respective Barangays, and I request my fellow Liloanons to support our efforts to ensure our roads and sidewalks remain motorist and pedestrian-friendly.

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We launched a multi-sectoral Anti-Illegal Drug Summit for the purpose of further intensifying our programs against illegal drugs by empowering the grassroots, and revitalizing our Operation Second Chance Program and the Sugbo Kontra Droga (Sukod) Program of the Province of #Cebu.

With close to 2,000 Drug surrenderees in Liloan, we recognize that addressing the pervasive menace of illegal drugs requires enhanced cooperation between all sectors towards effective law enforcement and prosecution on one hand, and community rehabilitation on the other.

As we take a grassroots approach to stamping out illegal drugs, we have incentivized participation and compliance with our anti-illegal drug programs by giving due recognition and financial rewards.

At LILOAN LEADS, we awarded the Best Performing Barangays and Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils, as well as drug surrenderees, schools, and students. Graduates of our Operation Second Chance had the opportunity to participate in various contests to showcase their talents.

Of special significance to me was this one young man from Poblacion who won one of our contests. I first met him on my first day in Office last year. He was only 16 years old then and was already involved in drugs. He surrendered and joined our Operation Second Chance Program. He has gone through counseling, rendered community service, and has graduated from our training on Electrical Installation armed with opportunities for gainful livelihood.

Since the start of my administration, we have manifested our full support for President Rodrigo Duterte's stance against illegal drugs. We continue in our efforts hand-in-hand with our community partners.

I thank our LILOAN LEADS Focal Team for their hard work, PNP Provincial Director Edgar Alan Okubo and PDEA Deputy Regional Director Atty. Analyn Hernandez for their words of guidance and support, and all our Municipal and Barangay Officials, and all stakeholders for heeding our call to unite to stamp out illegal drugs for a safe, peaceful, and progressive #Liloan!

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Today, Liloan takes a historic and monumental step towards ensuring continued peace and development as we launch our very own Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team.

Highly skilled and strategically trained, our SWAT Team further strengthens our peace and order efforts against criminality and illegal drugs, towards a stable and secure community for all Liloanons.

Happy #Monday y'all! ??????

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In the past year, Liloan has had over 1,900 drug surrenderees. We launched Operation Second Chance to provide community rehab, livelihood training and employment opportunities in exchange for community service.

We also intensified law enforcement operations resulting in a multitude of arrests; and enacted legislative measures for this purpose.

As a result, Liloan was ranked the number 1 local government unit in the Province of Cebu's Sugbo Kontra Droga Program 2016.

Amidst the challenges we have faced in combatting the drug menace, we have found that addressing such a complex problem requires a strategic community-based approach participated in by various sectors.

Yesterday, we held an orientation for over 200 members of our Municipal and Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils, Barangay Officials, Police, Auxiliary Forces, NGOs and other stakeholders to discuss the institutionalization of drug clearing operations in the hopes of empowering our community stakeholders and ridding our beloved town of the scourge of drugs that is a hindrance to peace and development. ??

I thank our Association of Barangay Captains headed by Capt. Johnny Cantero, CPADAO headed by former Board Member Ivy Durano-Meca, PDEA Regional Director Yogi Ruiz, Dr. Pocholo Delos Santos, and other resource persons for their invaluable support and expertise!

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Reaffirming our commitment to ensuring peace and order in #Liloan in full support of President #Duterte's top priority.

Here with our barangay tanods from Barangay Sta. Cruz whom I deputized today as force multipliers for our Police, and Capt. Richard Pendo whom we recently welcomed as DILC Team Frasco's newest member.

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