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Papa Kit’s Marina & Fishing Lagoon can be considered a complete outing package for families or groups. They have restaurants, rooms for rent and exciting outdoor activities. Papa Kit’s is located in Silot Bay, Liloan Cebu.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is 100 pesos which is consumable for food and drinks. It means if you order from any of their three restaurants, 50 pesos will be deducted from the total price of your order.


Papa Kit’s has three restaurants. The first restaurant is where you can catch your own fish. Among the three restaurants, it has the nicest view and ambiance: mangroves, fish ponds plus the restaurant being placed on top of the pond.

The First Restaurant


They also offer buffet meals. Provided below is the list of menus provided in the first restaurant.

The second restaurant, the resto bar, is near the aqua sports area. They also cater and hold events in this resto bar.


The Resto Bar


The third restaurant is located in the area where most outdoor activities are done like the zipline. They also have a picnic area near the restaurant where you can your table for 50 pesos.

The Third Restaurant




Aside from fishing and catch & release fishing, there are other activities in the place that are good for those who want to relax and unwind.




Zipline in Papa Kit’s is an 800 meter ride (back and forth). Payment is 200 pesos and 400 pesos for superman type.


Cadlum’s Jungle

Cadlum’s Jungle

Cadlum’s jungle consists of pirate’s swing, wirewalk, shaking hanging and wood bridge. Trying the cadlum’s jungle costs 150 pesos.


Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing

 Wall climbing in Papa Kit’s is 100 pesos.


ATV Rentals

All Terrain Vehicles for Rent

Small ATV cars can be rented for 250 pesos for 30 minutes and the big ones for 400 pesos for the 30 minutes. The driver must be at least 18 years of age and must have a driver’s license.


Horseback Riding

This is where they keep and feed their horses.

One way of touring the area is through horseback riding. For those who haven’t experienced horseback riding before, a guide will assist you. Please see below for the prices:

  • 75 pesos / 15 minutes
  • 100 pesos / 20 minutes
  • 150 pesos / 30 minutes
  • 300 pesos / 1 hour


Papa Kit’s Aviary

Papa Kit’s is not just a place for outdoor activities, it’s also a sanctuary for winged animals. You can enter their aviary and see different species of birds for only 20 pesos.


Aqua Sports

Boating at Papa Kit’s

To experience boating is also possible in Papa Kit’s. They have boats for two and boats for large groups. Please refer to the image below for the price list.

Aqua Sports Price List



Swimming Pool

To use their swimming pool, the entrance fee would be 150 pesos instead of 100. The pool is open from 9AM to 8PM every day.



The Rooms for Rent

For those who want to stay in the place for a few more days, they have rooms for rent.

Though I don’t really think that it’s a nice idea to stay there overnight, I recommend the place to all who want to have some fun and small adventures. Though you can bring your own car or ride Papa Kit’s free shuttle service, it would be best to tour the whole place through hiking. You will enjoy the views of the fish ponds, mangroves and the animals there.


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